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Here are some of my
Former puppies
In memory of
Brother Jack's Buddy
Passed away unexpectedly after
routine surgery
Catherine's Tula
(The sleep-over)

Former Pups
(Don's kids)
Beth Taylor's Canyon
(one of Beauties male pups)
(Buttercup's male puppy)

Former Pups
(Blossom at 7 weeks)
(Pup and teddy)
Halberstadts' boy Duke

Beautie and Pups
Beautie and her pups

Current Pups
(Blondie & Bros' pups)

Current Pups
(Another shot of Blondie & Bros' pups)
Linda's Duke
(He was a big boy at 110 lbs)
John and Sharon Rowe's Buster
(Goldens can be quite easily taught to ring a bell
when they want to go out doors)
Nancy Jean's Lexi 
Bentley Bastiaansen
(I train my puppies to dig holes before they leave
at no extra charge)
Evelyn Bell's Bobby
(eating dirt I suppose)
Vasilkovs' Benjamin Moses
 Kelly Sweeting's Scout
(now that's a real water baby!!!)
Sue Bowen's Carly
(Carly snoozing)
Barry Harwood's Abby
Eloise Czekalla's Popcorn
Fulton's Tater on graduation day
Dickson's Tucker
(in his new bed which I'm sure he'll grow into soon)
Kim Corrigan's girl
Andrea Lewin's Ellie
Diane and Doug's Deacon doing his dishes
(smart eh)
Deacon at 18 months of age
(good bed mates)
Paul Forster's Emma and Jack
("Real Buds")
Helen Kelch's Bear
Mike Griffin's Brinkley
Janice Maginess' Cassie Shannon
Mike and Tracey Robinson's Stanley
Janis Vessie's Tucker
Laura Cassian's Cleo

William Child's Beau

 Cheryl Caswell's Mia
(That's pretty high Mom)
(Mia's showdown at the OK Corral)
In Memory of Karen O'Blenis' Barclay
Born Spring of 2002
Sadly missed
Jim and Tina Summers' Desi and Lucy
(Goldens look good on the family couch)
Karen & Brian Cassian's Barnaby
(first excellent adventure)
 Lisa Pazitka's Chief
(doing the fox "puppy" trot)
In memory of Kirk and Lisa Flach's
Much loved and much missed
Doug and Heather Jarvis' Ryley
(attempting her mountain-climbing techniques)
Lori Daniels' Bear
(Bert and Bobbie's pup)
Jennifer Burns'
Maxx and Michaela
Bob and Jane Hodgson's
Abby and Charlie
(talk about being spoiled)
Jamie Taylor's Yolo and Maxx
(at Sauble Beach)
Gillian Feaver's Kalahari
(There is another picture of him as a pup 
with his mother Brinks under
"My Goldens" tab)
Derek Stoffers' Casey
(Here is Casey graduating)
Karen Chaikoff's Lily on her 10th birthday
(Beauties' pup)
Andrea Shortt's Maverick
Sarah Wiltshire's Tyson
(Beulah's Pup)
Here's Tyson again with his human
(Goldens make great lap-dogs!!)
Debra Zinkiewich's Nicho
(Beulah's pup)
Craddock's Monty
(now there's a Golden in heaven)
(Blondie's pup)
 Shirley Geddes' Murphy
(darn those patio windows)
Filip and Christina's Max
(Bree and Bert's puppy) 
Michele Chaban's Alphia
("But mom...I'm really hungry".)




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