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Bonnieview Kennels has undertaken the much needed role of rescue in light of this post-Covid epidemic of unwanted canines, who, through no fault of their own have become homeless. Taking on this role is financially draining and any donation, whether in time or money, would be much appreciated.  
Below are the dogs we have at present that need good and devoted loving homes.

Meet Gus

A 3 year old Japanese Mastiff who needs a forever home. He was a Covid puppy and unfortunately not raised well by first owner. He needs to be in a home with NO children or other dogs. He is very loyal and affectionate with grown ups and with proper handling would make a great companion to a one or two adult home.
Please call for further information if interested.

Say hi to Ducky

He's a one year old neutered Lab/Bulldog mix with a very timid but loving nature. He was in a home where older dogs were beating up on him so this has made him not so trusting. However, amazingly, he does get along with other dogs and will warm up to strangers once he gets to know them. Before that happens he will bark at newcomers and keep his distance but has 
never once tried to bite anyone.
He loves to have his back scratched and thrives when attention is given to him.
He walks fairly well on a leash but will require some recall training and basic obedience. Just recently neutered and shots are up to date.
He is good with young people but not sure how he would be around very young children.
His coat and general condition were poor when we got him, but, with proper food and care he has recovered remarkably well. He now appears in very good health.
Call if interested at 519-323-6071


This is Harold

Recently found wandering near Hopeville in a very poorly kept condition. His coat was full of matts and dirt and very odorous. 
Above pics were taken after some 
professional grooming and three baths.
Intact male approximately 1&1/2 years of age. Not sure of his breed but he closely resembles a Catalan Sheepdog. Coat is very coarse and shaggy looking but soft to the touch. He is very affectionate with an extremely loving disposition and loves to snuggle 
into your arms, chest and neck. 
Well behaved but will require some obedience training. Appears in good health but a bit on the thin side. We are working on that and in time he should fill out more especially after he is neutered. He seems very good with other dogs.

Below is a picture of Harold 
when we first received him
Call 519-323-6071 
if interested in meeting Harold




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