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Felicity had 7 Havanese puppies
November 20/14
2 males and 5 females
That's a big litter for
this breed
(accepting deposits for them now)
Way to go Felicity!!
Penny gave birth
October 27/14 
(not to be outdone by her sister
she also had 12 puppies
6 girls and 6 boys
It's hard to get them all into one shot
but they're all there
Lots of color in this litter
Very dotting momma
Nov 21/14
Puppies are almost 4 weeks old 
and have started eating and playing
Still nursing off of mom a few times a day
Priscilla delivered
12 (yes twelve!!)
great looking
Goldendoodle puppies
Sept 27/14
6 girls and 6 boys
(still 2 females and 1 male left to choose from)
Way to go Mom!!
October 28/14
Priscilla's puppies are just over 4 weeks old now and
have started eating last week
They are catching on fast
Sire for above two litters is my
handsome Golden
See him below
Little Chubbs had a 
litter of
July 28/14
1 male and 1 female
(small litter but very handsome looking puppies
and still one little male left, see him below)
He has had his first two shots and is
a very affectionate little guy
Loves to cuddle
Below are pictures of his
mom and sister
(mom is very attentive)
(proud momma)
Sept 2/14
Chubbs' puppies are growing quickly and eating solids well
They are now 5 weeks old
Here they are tuckered after a hard morning of play
Below is also proud daddy




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