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Priscilla's Goldendoodles
March 29/15
7 girls and 4 boys
All uniform in size and
doing well
(All puppies are sold)
Way to go mom!!
These two are fighting over the same spout
Well fed contented newborn
Mom is pretty tuckered out
April 20/15
Puppies are now 3 weeks old and
have started on solid food
They're catching on quickly
 A few are jumping in with all fours
May 1/15
Puppies are almost 5 weeks old and
doing well
Started letting them out into the great outdoors
with the weather being so nice
The sire for the above litter of Goldendoodles is my
Golden Retriever male
Aussiedoodle puppies arrived
March 8/15
3 males and 3 females
Big puppies and all doing well
(all puppies are sold)
Aussie is a great mom!!
March 25/15
Puppies are now just over 2 weeks of age
and their eyes are starting to open
They are little plunkers as mom
obviously has lots of milk for them
April 1/15
Puppies are just over 3 weeks and have
started on solid foods
O'l Blue Eyes
 This little girl has blue eys as well
And also this chocolate male
in the background
April 24/15
Puppies are now over 6 weeks old and
will be going to their new homes very soon
Believe it or not there are
six puppies squished into this wee
doggie bed
The Sire for the above litter
is my registered Standard Poodle
(see him below)




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