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Here are some of my  
Former Goldendoodle Puppies
 Brenda Hall's Ferris
Lisa's boy Nathan and Doodle Rusty
 Erin's Sundance
(Molly's pup)
 Danielle Morris' Finnegan
(Bitsy's pup)
Austin Seaver's Roxy
Here is the Seaver's Roxy a few years older
with Lola, their new addition to the family
Janet's Mosby
He's what you call our over-achiever
(Bobbie's puppy)
  Lisa Sceviour's Sam
(Brooks' puppy)
Kristin Vanslyke's Chloe
(Brooks' puppy)
 Mary Mehta's Cooper
(Brooks' puppy)
 Marina Orchid's Leo
(Brooks' puppy)
 Leo's wait command when he was younger
Note the cookies on his paws
Marina Lawrence's Daisy
(Brooks' pup)
 Daisy in tub
 She doesn't seem impressed
 Louise Cornelius' Charlie
Stephanie Myles's Dozer
Gina Cook's Max
(Brook's puppy)
Max's first snow
Laura Nielsen's Doug
Laura Tieken's Molly
Krista Donaldson's Leah
Now that's a relaxed Doodle!!
Another shot of Leah
with ears flapping
Erin Somers' Sundance
(Molly's puppy)
Clara Billington's Finnigan
It'll all come out in the wash
Amber Brousseau's Koozko
All dressed up and no place to go
Iman Dadkhahi's Banou
(Molly's puppy)
Here's Banou with his feline friend
Jan Tietz's Bentley
Here is Bentley with his buddy Joel
Chris Aziz's Sammy with her new siblings
(Molly's puppy)
Amie Lears' Darcy
(Bonus' puppy)
Kim Ranger's Desi
(Breath's puppy)
Helen Harris' Charlie
Lisa Der's Ripley
(Molly's puppy)
Alex Malczyk & Dennis DuQuette's
boy Buddy
after his visit to the beauty salon
Maryann Reichert's Daisie
She's got daddy's long legs
Liz Fischer's Oliver
 Jenna Sholomicki's Dood (on Rt)
and Hunter
Onah Addison's Harley
"Harley's girl", Fiona
(Bobbie's pup)
 Heather Clark's Cooper
(Butter's puppy)
 Cooper enjoying a boat ride
Bruce and Diane Haslett's Ben
(Brook's puppy)
Adam and Dianne King's Sadie
(Billie's pup)
Kim Hooey's Molly
Just look at that "dirty dog"!!
She does clean up well though
See below
Molly all cleaned up
(Breath's pup) 
Carol Perry's Bauer
Pamela Breault's Bruce
(Bestest's pup)
Pamela's Bruce is a real
"mud puppy"
Another shot of Bruce when he was younger
(Bestest Ever's pup)
Lin Zhana's Woody
(Butters' Puppy)
Dave and Coleen Stewart's Maggie
(Billie's puppy)
Colleen Kamps' Easton
 (Billie's pup)
Jamie Payne's Bailey
(Bubbles' puppy)
Merilyn Bender's Lexy
(Bestest's puppy) 
Angela and Dave O'Drowsky's Cassie
(Brooks' puppy)
Carol Perry's Bauer
 (Bestest's puppy)
This is Bella
who belongs to Annie Collins
That's some lap-dog
Bramilee and Bru Dhayanandhan's Juno
(Molly's pup)
Shirl Morden's Quinn
(Priscilla and Bert's puppy)
Jackie Cribb's Indiana Jones
(Butters puppy)
Sharon Gibson's Molly
(Brooks' puppy)
Karen Fowler's Sky
(Priscilla's puppy)
Rings a bell if she wishes to use the outdoor washroom facilities
Andrew Nicholson's Oliver
(Priscilla's puppy)
Sharon Geniole's Marlie
(Penny's puppy)
Will and Bev Seppenwoolde's Bear
Still thinks he is a puppy
(Bestest's litter)
Rosemarie Tanti's Hudson
Kimberly Brooks' Hope
Kim said she was just at the doggie spa 
and fell asleep while being groomed
Here is Hope with her "kids"
Natalie Michal's Winnie
(Bubbles puppy)
Natalie Desrochers' Jackson
(Penny's puppy)
Pam and Shawn OHara's Murphy
(Lacey's puppy)
 Steve Glynn
(Iggy and Mason are two former puppies from
Priscila and Bert's litter)
Patricia Pequegnat's Aurora
(Priscilla and Bert's puppy)
Samantha and Matt Marentette's Bowie
(Priscilla's pup)
Janice Stone's Charlie
"Caught in the act"
(Biscuit's pup)
Here's another picture of Charlie
with his best friend
Heidi Marino's Paisley
(Penny and Bert's puppy)
Deborah Hoffnung's Frankie
(Penny and Bert's puppy)
Samantha Nicdao's Mia
(Penny and Bert's pup)
Heidi Marino's Pailsey
(Penny's pup) 
Ruth and Brad England's
Otis and Indy
(Biscuit and Pierre's pups)




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