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Here are some of my former
Havanese puppies
Donna Vaughan's boy Jiggs
(Falien's puppy)
Heather Showler's Meeka
(Felicity's puppy)
Here's another shot of Meeka 
 Jessica Valeny's Todd
(Felicity's pup)
Paula Sorhaitz's Oliver
(Fiona's puppy)
 Jen Pavao's Griffin
(Fiona's puppy)

Heather Hawkins's Franny
(Fiona's pup)

Stephanie Walsh's Lexi
(Fiona's pup)

Andrea Boutilier's Ginger
(Fiona's pup)

Greg and Hoa Myhal's CoCo
(Fiona's pup)

Carolina Salcedo's Milo
(Felicity's puppy)

Jody Richardson's Bentley
(Fiona's pup)

Ritu Gupte's Leo
(Falien's pup)

Here is Leo Gupte at 1 year of age
Note the change in color

Andrea and Daley Boutilier's Ginger
Enjoying a bike ride
(Fiona's pup)

Here's another shot of Ginger Boutilier
with her new hairdo

Angela Llana's Milo
(Felicity's puppy)

 Sharon Bruder's Bentley
(Franny's puppy)

Thain Nicol's Pixel
(Fiona's puppy)

Letter below from Kate Nowak
about Zoe
(Franny's pup)
Zoe is housebroken in less than a month.  She uses her potty bells to announce her bathroom needs.  I caught her in the act of ringing her potty bell this morning and attached a picture.  Those Havanese are smart and cute :)


Sheila Watt's Perle
Yes, Havanese do swim!!
(if they have too)

Joan Prior's Lola
(Flower's pup)

Richard Cuerrier's Luna
(Faith's puppy)

Liz Way's Pedro
(Flower's pup)

Ann Marie Ryter's Jack
(Fire Fly's pup)

Janice Hazlett's Buffy
(Flora's puppy)

Carole Rosinski's Coco
(Froot Loop's pup)




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