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What is a Foster Home?
A Foster Home is basically a future permanent home for one of my breeding females or possibly a male. In order to continue breeding, I cannot keep every single breeding animal for their lifetime. Yes, there are many "lifers" who do stay with me forever, but I cannot keep every dog that produces puppies. It is for this reason that I seek out Foster Homes.
I place either a puppy or adult, that I would like to continue breeding, into a family home. After passing pre-breeding tests, a Foster dog will come back to me to be bred and then to whelp their litter. In this way my adult dogs can have their own family. Once the dog has whelped and raised her puppies, she will return to her Foster Family. After the contract has been fulfilled, the dog will be spayed/neutered at the Foster Parent's expense. Once this is completed the ownership will be signed over to the Foster Family.
Is there a cost for a Foster Home?

I usually ask for a $500 retainer that will cover the cost of spay/neuter when this dog is retired. 

If the animal becomes unable to breed d/t neglect by the Foster Parent, then a fee will be required from the Foster Parent to cover any certifications that were done up to that point.

A Foster parent must be willing to work with me to fulfill the contract. You must also be within an hours drive and be willing to bring the dog to me, or designated vet clinic, for certifications, breeding, whelping, etc.
(I am located just outside of Mount Forest, Ontario).  
The Foster Family will be responsible for feeding and upkeep of regular veterinary care (shots, etc.). Any illness/accident that is not involved with the breeding aspect of the dog is also the Foster parents responsibility. The Foster Family will have to agree to use the food recommended by the breeder and not permit the animal to get over or underweight. The breeder will be responsible for any expenses involved in the breeding aspect (hip certifications, 
C-sections, etc.)

How many litters will the dog have?
This depends on the age of the puppy or adult dog when she is fostered out. Usually a dog will have 4 litters before retiring, but, again, it depends on the age of the dog when it goes into a Foster Home.

Requirements of the Foster Family
 I prefer that there be another dog in the family. This is not a requirement but a preference. Also, my preference is that someone is home for most of the day - a stay at home parent, a retired couple or someone who works out of their home would be ideal. My dogs are use to someone being around for the majority of the day. They love people and "lap up" attention. 
you must have a PHYSICAL FENCE!! No exceptions. 
Please send me an email or give me a call
if interested in becoming a Foster Parent.




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