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We bought our first Golden a number of years ago. January 18 of 1998 to be exact. We had just lost our white Shepherd/Golden mix and had decided perhaps not to get another dog as retirement was just around the bend. However, having always wanted a Golden Retriever and my birthday quickly approaching, the thought of a Golden puppy quickly altered our thinking (well at least my thinking).
My birthday gift, Ben, was the most lovable, playful, smart and goofy English Golden Retriever puppy you could ever have laid your eyes on. My husband and I fell totally in love with him, and thought that we had just lucked out on a particularly nice dog of this breed. We were so taken with him we decided, in our retirement, that we would breed Golden Retrievers. We quickly realized that all the English Goldens, that we subsequently acquired in the future, were like our Ben.
Thus began our journey.
As time marched on a number of events have changed. I lost my beloved husband in November of 2006 and had to make some hard decisions whether to carry on with breeding or retire. I couldn't imagine selling and having only one or two dogs to care for, as I love raising puppies, so I slowly downsized. It was a good decision as caring for my Goldens certainly helped in the healing process of loss. Over the Covid period I lost my two breeding Golden males. Replacing them was proving to be very difficult and I was at a point in my life where I needed to make life a bit more manageable, so decided to downsize to a smaller breed. After much searching I became enamored with the Havanese breed and found great pleasure in raising these puppies. Their temperament is very much like the Retriever so transitioning over was not overly painful. However, I will always be a Golden lover deep down inside. 

My puppies go home highly socialized, as others and myself spend a great deal of time with them, in a home-like environment. My puppies also are frequented by visitors from adult day programs and children from local areas.
Bonnieview Kennels is a registered kennel and my Havanese are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).  
Puppies come with a two year written guarantee against genetic defects. They also will have been given their first needle. 
Starting at the age of 2 weeks, they are dewormed every 10 to 14 days until they go to their new homes. As well, they go home with health records and extensive verbal and written information on diet, house breaking, training, etc. 
I also offer life-time support.
I also include a toy & blankie that the litter mates have been playing with, a leash, collar, brush and 2 months supply of food.
I hope you will take the time to drop in and see my facility and Havanese family. 
An appointment is now required d/t the pandemic.
Mount Forest is a quaint little community
located at the intersection of Hwy 6 and 89.
It is mid-way between Guelph and Owen Sound.
My kennel is located on Hwy 89, 4 km west of Mount Forest.
Call or email anytime to ask further questions 
or to set up a time for a visit.
By the way, 
Havanese get along fabulously with cats
as well as other dogs 
they absolutely love children.

Lorraine Bain
Bonnieview Kennels




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